John Patterson ‘Patto’ Horseman, Clerk of Course, Horse Breaker

John Patterson ‘Patto’ Horseman, Clerk of Course, Horse Breaker

There are other clerks of the course and horse-breakers, of course,
but Patto is to his profession what his late friend Roy Higgins and Bart Cummings were to theirs … a master.
Patto is an Australian original, one of a shrinking number of authentic characters not just in racing, but also in every walk of life.

Andrew Rule

Book Description

‘Patto’ to all who know him is an all-round gifted horseman, arguably the most respected and well-known in Victoria. His talents saw him become the state’s pre-eminent horse-breaker, an extraordinarily successful and game-changing competitor at the Royal Melbourne Show, a master teacher, and a distinguished Chief Clerk of the Course for forty-five years.

A Legacy child, at school he excelled most at truancy. Ever the larrikin he was caught stealing from a train at fourteen. But then he moved to Melbourne to become an apprentice jockey and everything changed.

Patto’s rough and gruff character and his wicked wit belie a heart of gold. His story, captured with much warmth by Trevor Hastings, is one of endurance and grit, passion, generosity and humour. There are good reasons why Patto is known as a living legend.

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First published 2018. Format: paperback, Dimensions: 180 x 250 mm, Pages: 240

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